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Europe's first farmers replaced their forerunners

Analysis of ancient DNA from skeletons suggests that Europe's first farmers were not the descendants of the people who settled the area after the retreat of the ice sheets. Instead, the early farmers probably migrated into major areas of central and eastern Europe about 7,500 years ago, bringing domesticated plants and animals with them, says Barbara Bramanti from Mainz University in Germany and colleagues. The researchers analyzed DNA from hunter-gatherer and early farmer burials, and compared… Continuar

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Heavenly island- a sanctuary in the deep

Each of us has a longing to find repose from the troubles and tribulations of the world. We dream of a sunny pasture, or a shaded glen, or a remote wood on the side of a mountain, some haven from the struggles of life. We imagine our own Garden of Eden, where trouble is absent, and where our spirit can find rest. This is an everlasting goal of mankind - to discover this one paradise where we will be removed from strife.

In coming to… Continuar

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